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Waldorf dolls are typically designed in a simple, expressionless, and neutral manner to encourage children to use their own imagination. Additionally, these dolls often come with removable clothes, allowing children to change their outfits or wash the dolls. Waldorf dolls are designed to help develop children's creativity and emotional bonds, and they hold a significant place in the Waldorf educational methodology.



It is used to shape the body and head.

thread coils

Sewing Thread

Sewing thread is used for eyes, lips and even nostrils.

Blueberry Embroidered Pastel Fabric


100% cotton fabric is used for the skin fabric.

Paints and Brush

Natural Dye

Natural dyes such as crayon are preferred to color the face.

felt_needle_holder_1_needle_1445x (1).webp

Felting Needle

It is used to shape the wool while making the doll's face and body.


Wool Yarn

Woolen rope can be used for her hair.

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